Dependent Audit

A Dependent Audit is a process that can save millions in an employer’s health care costs, keep premiums down for legitimate beneficiaries, and prevent potential fraud.

Step 1: Plan Document Consultation

During this step, we review all plan documents for eligibility rules and examine for any inconsistencies.

Step 2: Amnesty Process

Providing employees with an amnesty period that allows them to self-report any ineligible dependents.  Typically, a time period is chosen in which there will be no penalties for employees who voluntarily terminate their ineligible dependents.  They can do this by our communicating with our Benefit Enrollment Center or through a Personal Amnesty Interview.

Step 3: The Documentation Audit

During this step, employees are required to provide copies of formal documentation to verify dependents.  Items like birth certificates, or full-time student affidavits, etc., are used to verify eligibility.


U.S. Enrollment Services provides reporting to outline the success of the dependent audit and provide clients with a useful tool in their efforts to be in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. 

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