Enrollment Services

Deciding which enrollment option will best fit a client begins with communication. We listen closely to their needs, and help you develop a game plan that takes into consideration the client’s daily business activities, demographics, and unique set of circumstances.

Our communication role does not end after designing a plan to fit their needs. We commit to bringing added value by working with you and your clients throughout the entire enrollment process. The goal is to make sure that employees are educated properly regarding their benefits. Benefits are carefully explained, and we take the time to make sure employees are empowered to make the best decisions possible for their individual circumstances. Our extensive experience in this arena has allowed us to create refined solutions for both on-site and off-site enrollments.

We utilize a wide range of next generation benefit enrollment options to meet each of your client’s individual needs.

  • Annual and perpetual enrollments
  • One-to-one co-browsing enrollment
  • Call-Center enrollment
  • Electronic on-site face-to-face enrollment
  • Enroll into an existing HRIS system – we support electronic enrollments via most major platforms
  • Design, develop, and implement a full enrollment system
  • Communicate Employer messaging such as ACA, FSA, HSA, HRA, and EAP initiatives
  • Communicate, educate, and enroll ALL employer sponsored programs, including both core and voluntary programs
  • Proprietary electronic scheduler which allows enrollees to schedule their own appointments

The key to a successful benefit program is an effective communication and enrollment campaign that will inform and educate employees on benefit plan design and utilization while demonstrating an employer’s commitment to providing a quality benefit program.

Our experienced Enrollment Coordinators and Service Representatives:

  • Design and deliver creative pre-enrollment employee communication material
  • Plan and execute strategic enrollment schedules
  • Provide step-by-step guidance through each phase of the pre-enrollment, enrollment, and post-enrollment process
  • Execute and manage benefit enrollments by utilizing one of the industries most robust systems – prepared by our own in-house technology experts
  • Establish and test data file requirements to ensure a smooth and accurate data transmission process after enrollment
  • Provide friendly and dedicated customer service and voluntary benefit claims facilitation

Our Enrollment Services Features include:

  • Translation services for non-English speaking callers
  • Availability of Client Specific Phone Numbers
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Scalable staffing size due to virtualization capabilities
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting

Experienced Benefit Coaches

We understand that a well-trained Benefit Coach is a key element in delivering quality enrollment services to enrollees.  That’s why we utilize a core staff of well-trained, experienced professionals whose focus is on building value and a better understanding of ALL the benefits offered to an enrollee by their employer’s benefit program.