Employee Benefits

We help your clients expand existing Benefit Packages without expanding their benefits budgets, providing employees with a lot more options that help them with their own unique circumstance while keeping costs down.

We evaluate current benefit programs and offer solutions to enhance the client’s overall benefit choices. Our goals are to:

  • Help off-set the rising cost of employee benefits
  • Provide stronger benefits to help retain quality employees
  • Balance employee benefit needs

Employers are often faced with some confusing choices when it comes to selecting employee benefit packages. U.S. Enrollment Services specializes in helping you and them make wise and fiscally sound decisions for their benefit offerings. We help you choose the options that make sense for your clients’ employees while helping them bolster employee loyalty and retention.

Voluntary employee benefits allow you to provide your clients’ employees access to group benefits with advantages they could not receive with individual policies yet shift some of the financial responsibility to the employee. It gives them the opportunity to choose products that can benefit their own unique situation.

Typically, we recommend a mix of voluntary benefits to complement core offerings. That mix is usually dependent upon the existing company benefits, demographics, industry, and the goals you have for your company. We do the legwork for you by providing a detailed analysis that compares plan features, rates and industry ratings in order to ensure that you make educated decisions on behalf of your clients and their employees. With U.S. Enrollment Services on your side, you have the advantage of access to best-in-class carriers so that your clients’ benefit dollars are optimized.

As part of our benefits analysis, we conduct Dependent Audits, which can help employers save significant benefit dollars. In fact, dependent eligibility audits have been known to save millions in an employer’s healthcare costs, put an end to outright fraud, and help keep premiums down for legitimate beneficiaries.

Our 3-phased approach to dependent audits is controlled, staged and flexible, and helps prevent employee backlash by the use of consistent communication strategies.